Bengal VS Russian Blue Cats (What You Need to Know!)

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Every breed has its charms and quirks. We love all types of cats equally here, but sometimes it can be useful to compare different breeds for either the purpose of picking the right breed to introduce new cats to your household or to choose a breed that will best fit your current lifestyle. This article will be comparing the Bengal VS Russian Blue cats in the context of living in an indoor environment.

Bengal VS Russian Blue Cats.
Two cat breeds are on the opposite end of the spectrum: the Bengal and the Russian Blue cat.

How does a Bengal Cat compare to a Russian Blue? The main differences between these two breeds are activity levels and how they prefer to play. Russian Blue cats tend to be more independent and enjoy just being there in your company, and Bengals are more of an attention-getting cat breed. They love to interact with their owners and other cats around the household. Russian Blue cats and Bengal cats both adore their owners. If you put the effort in with either of these breeds, they will love to be around you and want to be part of whatever you’re doing!

In terms of litter box tendencies and hygiene. They are both highly clean cats and enjoy their litter box clean. Therefore, scoop regularly, and your cats will generally be satisfied! For the best litter and litter box combination that I use, click here!

Bengal VS Russian Blue Cats: Which Breed Is Right For You?

Chart comparing the main differences between Russian Blue and Bengal cats:

Bengal CatsRussian Blue Cats
Low maintenance coat.Medium maintenance coat (regular grooming is required).
Very talkative at all times.Quiet cats but talkative when it comes to food.
Highly energetic throughout their life.Energetic kitten phase but very relaxed as adult cats.
Not typically lap cats.They generally love to be on laps.
Easy to manage weight (Bengal cats are very active).Difficult to manage weight (they love food).
Can sometimes be difficult to correct bad behaviors.Relatively easy to correct bad behaviors.
Table 1. Bengal Cats VS Russian Blue Cats. A glance.

Note: This is just from my observations and opinions about owning each one of these breeds and opinions from other owners of these breeds. This is meant to be a point of reference and doesn’t mean your cat will 100% follow these observations completely. All cats are different and have their own personalities. Breeds only let us know what we may expect, but in the end, it’s up to the cat’s personality.

Bengal cat about to pounce on a Russian blue cat.
Latte (Bengal) and Ash (Russian Blue) are sizing each other up!

Bengal VS Russian Blue Cats: Activity Levels

Bengals maintain most of their energy and activity levels as they grow up. In comparison, an adult Russian Blue is a little bit more picky about what they get physically involved in.

Bengal Cat Activity Levels: A Detailed View

For those that want a total comprehensive personality guide about Bengal cats, read my article here!

Bengals have more energy in all phases of their life. Bengal cats usually run around the house while most other cats are asleep. They do get more relaxed as they age and maybe even a little more mature but most of the time Bengals are really up for anything. If they’re sleeping and hear the slightest hint of something interesting, they will immediately wake up and head straight directly to the sound.

Because of their energy, it’s important to play with your Bengal as much as you can. However, with the busy lifestyles that we humans lead these days, it can be difficult. As such, I would always recommend another cat companion to keep a Bengal cat company./

Another reason for another cat companion is that sometimes Bengals can be a bit clingy. Sometimes, even if I accidentally have eye contact with my Bengal can cause them to come up to you and demand you to give them attention. With a cat friend, some of this attention can be directed towards the other cat.

Watch this video on more about the Bengal Cat in apartments!

I would also try to match the genders unless they are siblings. Therefore, if you have a male Bengal kitten, it’s best to get another male kitten to keep each other company or vice versa. The reason for this is because male cats and female cats have different ways they like to play.

Also, Bengal cats, as kittens, need a lot of attention, or else they can develop some negative behavioral traits such as biting, scratching, or just, in general, creating havoc. If this is the breed you want to get as your first cat, prepare and educate yourself on cat socialization and behavioral adjustments! There are many articles on my website on how to do this!

In general, though, Bengals can make for lovely companions in any home with some knowledge and preparation.

Russian Blue Cat Activity Levels: A Detailed View

Russian blue cats are energetic as kittens, but their energy levels are get really toned down as they mature. Or maybe they’re just very efficient with their energy. You’ll find that Russian Blue cats will have short spurts of energy in certain parts of the day and chilling the other 80% of the day.

As a result, they’re perfect companions for when you come home from work exhausted and want a cuddly friend to hug and comfort you! That’s not to say they’re not playful cats – when they do play, they are quick as lightning.

Russian Blue kittens are also energetic but sometimes timid. They take a little bit of time to get used to the environment, but once they do, they are dust devils when you find the right activity or toy for them. They are also easy to socialize as they’re the type of breed that responds well to food associations and quickly develops good habits.

Watch this video on more about the Russian Blue Cat in apartments!

In general, Russian Blues are quite a bit more independent than Bengals. They can keep themselves busy for hours and independently play with their favorite toys. As a result, Russian Blue cats sometimes seem a little aloof.

However, they have their clingy moments. Sometimes not giving up when you’ve put them down from your lap multiple times already.

Most cat breeds do better with cat friends and companions. However, I would recommend someone getting this type of cat breed if they can only have one cat. In terms of activity level and temperament, they’re absolutely fine being the only cat, but only if their environment is stimulating enough.

Bengal VS Russian Blue Cats: Playstyles

This is where the biggest difference will be. Bengals and Russian Blues will have drastically different play styles. Bengals are more proactive and Russian Blues will observe and slowly try something out to see if they like it.

Bengal Cats Playstyles: A Detailed View

As I said above, Bengals are proactive and will try anything at least once. They will bat whatever is in front of them to see if something happens, and then if there’s no reaction, they’ll move onto the next thing. Bengal cats are adept at playing all kinds of activities. A great activity for a Bengal cat is fetch.

The bad thing is that almost anything can be toys in their eyes! As long as it rolls and moves around, any loose object can be used and destroyed by a Bengal! This is especially bad in apartments because everything is closer together and in reach.

They can be quite independent sometimes, but in general, they will probably want to play with you or their cat companions. Every single time I walk out from whatever room I’m in, he’s there waiting for me to play with him. It’s cute, but sometimes a little too much.

This part of their nature makes them very dog-like. They love it if you call them because they know that something fun is about to happen. As such, they need a lot of attention.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s why you must Bengal proof your apartment if you decided on a Bengal cat to adopt and raise. The positive thing is that whatever toy you get for them, they’re going to try out.

You’ve probably heard that Bengal cats enjoy playing with water, which they do to different extents. My Bengal doesn’t like to be completely wet, but he does enjoy playing with running water or the water fountain. Some Bengals are very okay with taking showers with their owners. It varies from Bengal cat to Bengal cat.

If they’re bored (boredom leads to a lot of behavioral risks for your Bengal cat, prevent boredom in your apartment!), you better believe they’re going to bother you to play with them, or they’ll make their own fun somehow. If they’re hungry, you’d better believe they’re going to try to open to food box (I taped mine shut). If they think a closet is a fun place, they’re going to open it and go in there.

They’re not a breed for people to be out of the house or apartment often and for a long time. You must create the environment around your Bengal. The Bengal will not fit in your basic human environment.

In an apartment, you really have to be creative. Create a play wall where they can climb and be active chasing other cats. There should be a couple of their favorite toys available at all times, and keep your valuables up high! It will be a joy to watch them doing their own thing!

Russian Blue Cats Playstyles: A Detailed View

You’ll find that Russian Blues will have favorite types of activities or toys that they enjoy. And for them to change to a certain toy or activity when they’re adults will take some time.

However, they love interactive toys such as wands like most cats, but they’re picky towards stationary toys such as balls or mice. They’ll usually have a certain type of ball that they like or a texture that they enjoy. Otherwise, they’ll ignore it and go back to sleep.

Activities have to be enticing enough for the Russian Blue to put in their effort. For their favorite toys, they can play with them independently for days in short spurts. Anything that they weren’t used to playing with when they were young, they tend to not mess with when they’re older.

However, that’s not to say they can’t learn to enjoy something. I’ve taught my Russian Blue to use the cat wheel, and he does enjoy it from time to time. However, not as much as the Bengal.

They’re also cautious creatures and generally dislike loud noises. So they prefer quiet areas and toys that make light sounds. Noisy or loud sounds easily cause them to startle and stress out. Therefore, if you live in a noisy place, make sure there is a quiet place for them to escape to!

This is great if you have a place with a lot of valuables or loose objects. Russian Blues are the least likely ones to wreck your stuff. If I ever come home and something is broken, or the place is a mess, I know it wasn’t my Russian Blue. It was probably that gosh-darn Bengal.

Their playstyle and energy levels make them the best type of cat Breed in smaller spaces and apartments as their behavior is quite predictable and easy to manage.

Bengal VS Russian Blue Cats: Compatibility With Other Cats & Animals

If you plan to have a multi-cat home, which many people do. This section will give you a guideline of what to expect when introducing a Bengal or Russian Blue to your home. Or vice versa, if you want to introduce another animal to your Bengal/Russian Blue.

Bengals, in general, will be the fastest to adapt to changes. In my experience, all it takes was 1 day for my Bengal to get to know the new cat and stop hissing and tolerate him for a bit. Again, it’s because they’re proactive. They want to be in the center of the action. They love new things and experiences.

This is completely the opposite of the Russian Blue. The moment he gets a whiff of the new cat, there is no way in hell he’s going to stay in the same room as him! However, there’s one thing that gets him every time. Food. A Russian Blue is incredibly food motivated. As long as you consistently feed all the animals together, he eventually associates them with positive feelings!

The maximum amount of time that it took my Russian Blue to get used to a new cat introduction was about 4 days, and after that, it was peace and love from then on. They play, they sleep together, and groom each other. With food and snacks, you can really guide their behaviors in the right direction.

Bengal VS Russian Blue Cats: Compatibility With Each Other

Are Bengals and Russian Blues compatible with each other? Should I introduce a Bengal to a Russian Blue or vice versa? They are quite compatible together. One may think that their energy levels are too different, but they might “encourage” each other to do the things they might not do in the first place.

Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I think they learn a lot of stuff from each other. It goes like this. Latte (Bengal) is always the instigator of fun, and Ash (Russian Blue) notices and chooses to join or not. More often than not, he does join in on the fun and participates at least a little bit.

Sometimes, Ash wants to be on my lap. Latte notices and also joins my lap for a double cat petting session on my lap. With Ashe around, he helps Latte to be more relaxed. That’s just my belief.

Bengal VS Russian Blue Cats: Conclusion

As a final note, I’d like to take a moment to mention that owning any animal means that it is our responsibility to give them the best quality of life within our means and resources. Any breed can be loving and active if you put the time into caring and raising your cats properly. The Russian Blue cat is one of the most popular breeds indoors, and Bengals are a unique breed.

If it’s your first cat and you live in an apartment or a smaller space, I recommend the Russian Blue. They’re such calm and loving cats that everybody can appreciate. They strike a good balance between calm and playful / clinginess and independence.

If you’re thinking about the Bengal cat and you have some experience with cats, then I’d say go for it! Be prepared to do your homework, but you can find endless enjoyment in owning a Bengal and its charms once you do.

When I first adopted my Bengal, it was not easy, but with proper preparation and the willingness to improve myself and my environment, I believe that we’re both satisfied with how things turned out.

If you’re interested in comparisons with other cat breeds:
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11 thoughts on “Bengal VS Russian Blue Cats (What You Need to Know!)

  1. It feels like you describe completely different bengal than mine is. 🙂 She was 1,5 year old when we adopted her and it took her over a year to get used to new place completely. I always heard that bengals are independent creatures and like to be near their people but generally no cuddling – and my cat approves that. 🙂 I think that a lot of things depends on what cattery you take your cat from, was it well socialised from the beginning and what were his parents like. Some breeders want to achieve beautiful cats without thinking about their characters.

    1. That’s very interesting! Yes! In my other articles, I explain that cats are individuals and descriptions on their temperaments or behavior traits are only for reference. I agree that depending on how they were raised and socialized, they will probably develop their own unique traits!

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for a great post, exactly what I was looking for! Im currently deciding against a Bengal and a Russian Blue kitten. I am a first time cat owner, I should add. One question, in your experience, which of the types is more prone to cuddling?

    1. Definitely Russian Blue cats are the more cuddly type to the point of almost annoyance but since they’re so adorable you let them do whatever they want!

      I always recommend Russian Blue cats for first time owners. They are a great first experience with owning cats and they are really patient/tolerant of a lot of things. With their careful personality, they rarely develop destructive habits.

      While Bengal cats are fun, their energy levels might be a bit too much for a first time cat owner. However if you educate yourself and prep your room, you learn very quickly about cats in a short amount of time but it might be a lot of effort. Bengals love to be around humans but it can really vary on how cuddly they can be.

      If you want a consistently cuddly cat, Russian Blue is the way to go!

  3. Hello TN,

    I found your videos and website during my research. The information you shared are all very very helpful, as I am living in a 2b2b appt and trying to figure out whether a Bengal kitten or a Russian blue kitten. Very tough to make a decision here, as I will be a first-time owner. Don’t have experiences with raising a cat. But I love bengals, just really not sure if I could hold it based on its energy level and if the bengal will be doing okay, while I will back and work in the office.

    I will keep you posted!

    1. I think if read up on them and prepare a good routine for you and your Bengal cat, you can definitely do it! Also, if you’re at home most of the time for the first month or so – that would also help. Just make sure to keep an eye on when they’re bored!

  4. This sounds just like my two. Both of mine were rescues and Ash my Russian Blue was so timid at first and I brought Jax my Bengal in 4 days later, it brought my Ash out of his shell. They are amazing and get along so good. I love them just as much as they love me! They brought so much love and laughter to my house after my Maine Coon passed away. Thanks for the article!

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