Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold Cats: Which One?

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Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold: How does a Scottish Fold Cat compare to a Russian Blue? The Scottish fold is a more gentle, curious cat that likes to be around its humans. They are also a bit more reactive and will more likely respond to calls when compared to the Russian Blue. However, If you want a predictable, careful, and a tad more independent cat (in terms of play), the Russian Blue breed might be the one to think about getting. In general, these two breeds are incredibly respectful of things around them and rarely ever get into trouble!

Rosie, the Scottish Straight (highland), Ash, the Russian Blue! The Russian Blue and the Scottish Fold/Straight are the most affectionate cat breeds and great for any household or lifestyle!

It’s important to note that every cat is an individual and may have traits that differ from what is being described here! This article serves as a reference point for owners and butlers to predict and anticipate how a particular breed might fit in their lives! Additionally, it’s also good to know that it’s very rare for any cat to be “pure-bred” if we do not know its lineage, family tree, or adopted from a reputable breeder!

Which Breed Is Right For You? Russian Blue or Scottish Fold/Straight?

Let’s look at the different categories that might be important to your decision!

  1. Appearance and maintenance
  2. Playstyles and how it might fit within your lifestyle
  3. How affectionate each breed is
  4. Compatibility with other animals and each other

Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold/Straight: Appearance

The most apparent differences are, of course, their appearances and sizes. This is all up to personal opinion and preferences. However, Russian Blue cats are typically larger than Scottish breeds, and this means you might need to think about larger and sturdier cat furniture or toys!

CategoryRussian BlueScottish Fold/Straight
AppearanceRussian Blues are always the same color, and a litter of Russian Blue kittens is always ‘blue’ or grey.

The key identifiers for Russian Blue cats are their vivid green eyes, thick double coats, and mauve footpads.
There’s a lot of variation in appearances for this breed. They can be large or small, long-haired or short-haired types, or even long-legged/short-legged (munchkin cats).

Their coat colors can also be quite variable in colors.
They grow up to 3.6 to 6.8 kg (8 to 15 lb) when fully grown (according to Wikipedia). This means Russian Blue cats are a bit larger relative to other cats.
According to Wikipedia, male Scottish Folds can become quite large, growing up to 4 to 6 kg (9–13 lb). Females can be a little smaller, from 2.7 to 4 kg (6–9 lb).
Table 1. Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold/Straight Physical: Appearance Chart.

Maintenance and Care

  • Russian Blue cats will generally need to be groomed weekly to keep shedding to a minimum. For Scottish Folds/Straights, depending on their hair length, they will need either the same amount of grooming or more grooming than Russian Blue cats will. Rosie, my Scottish Straight cat is long-haired. So she needs a lot more care and grooming compared to her shorter-haired counterparts.
  • From my observations of Russian Blue cats over the years, from both mine and others, it seems that they are really dedicated to cleaning themselves. Much more than any other cat. If they aren’t eating or playing, they’ll be grooming themselves to make sure that there isn’t a hair out of place!
  • Scottish Folds, however, seems to not groom themselves at much, and as such may require us butlers to get their hard-to-reach spots because they seem to be much too lazy to care! Therefore, they might sometimes smell.

Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold/Straight: Playstyles & Personality

When you get down to it, both of these cat breeds have a lot of similarities. Still, there are a few key differences in the personality and energy levels that I have observed over a long period that I have experienced with both breeds.

CategoryRussian BlueScottish Fold/Straight
PersonalityRussian Blue cats might seem very independent when they’re alone and doing their own thing, but when they’re clingy, they’re super clingy.

They like to settle into habits and routines, so it becomes pretty unlikely for them to do something out of the ordinary. This is great, depending on what you want out of your companion. If you want a predictable cat that has very little chance of doing anything destructive, this is that cat breed for you.

All in all, they’re careful cats and like to observe until they’re sure of their environment.
Scottish Folds are super relaxed and friendly. While not a super energetic breed, they are quite curious creatures. My Rosie loves to explore every nook and cranny in my apartment and greet guests as they come to the door.

However, because of their relaxedness, This makes them quite prone to having weight problems (here are the best strategies to manage a cat’s weight!). Therefore, it’s essential to get them into a good play routine to keep them active.
PlaystylesAs kittens, Russian Blue cats are incredibly playful and super energetic. However, as they grow up, their energy levels drop off and become quite predictable in their behaviors.

Being predictable also has its negatives, as whatever we buy for them in terms of toys and other products will be carefully ‘tested’ until they’re ready to try it. However, they can play with it for hours if they like it.
They are playful and active at certain times but in general, most of their time will be spent lounging around. Their energy levels are pretty similar to kittens to adulthood.

In terms of their play styles, they rarely independently play. There are times when they initiate play with other cats or play with toys, but those times are few and far between. They much prefer more interactive playing with wand toys and the like!
Table 2. Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold/Straight Physical: Personality and Playstyles Chart.

Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold/Straight: Which Breed Is More Affectionate?

Humans love affection. Therefore, we like our cats to be affectionate as well! However, too much attention-seeking can be viewed as clingy, which is cute but can distract their owners. Affection and clinginess can include:

  • Jumping on laps
  • Following
  • Meowing
  • General and enjoyment of physical contact or close promimity to their humans

In general, both breeds are very similar in exhibiting their affection. They enjoy being around humans and the ones they favor, and they have different ways of expressing it.

CategoryRussian BlueScottish Fold/Straight
AffectionThis breed becomes attached to its human(s). When they’re in their ‘lovey-dovey’ mode, they become inescapable and will continuously try to get onto your lap or be as close as they can to you.

Whenever I’m doing work or typing up an article, you better believe that he’s going to be on my lap for the duration of time that I am on the computer.
This is quite variable from Scottish Fold/Straight to other Scottish Fold/Straights. Some are pretty independent, and some love all the attention they can get.

Sometimes she’ll get onto my lap but not very often. However, if she’s on the bed with me, she can be there forever.
ClinginessMost of the time, Russian Blue cats are fairly aloof but once per day, they need that 20-30 minutes where they won’t stop until they get your attention.

It doesn’t matter what you do, and they will get onto your body somehow. Therefore, Russian Blues are great lap cats!
Scottish Fold/Straights are very consistent. They’re usually open for some attention and will always be around just in case their humans are ready for some cuddling time.

My Rosie is quite clingy but in the most respectable way possible. She loves to be around her human and observe what is going on, but she keeps a little distance.
Table 3. Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold/Straight Physical: Affection and Clinginess Chart.

Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold/Straight: Compatibility With Other Cats & Animals

Most of the time, no matter the cat, it’s a good idea to have another cat companion to avoid the problems of just having just one cat. Cats are social animals and do better in groups as long as they have a good relationship. However, some breeds adapt to these changes faster than others. The Russian Blue and Scottish Fold cat, in general, take a little more time to adapt to changes than other cats.

Those wanting a detailed guide on introducing your cat without separating them can read about it here.

CategoryRussian BlueScottish Fold/Straight
CompatibilityThe Russian Blue is a cautious breed, and it will take longer than other cat breeds to adapt to changes. However, afterward, they open up and enjoy the company of other cats and animals.Scottish Folds/Straights to be quite relaxed and curious whenever they’re introduced or whenever a new cat is introduced. Because of this, they’re a little more accepting of these changes and accepting of the new addition!
Time to AdaptExpect an introduction will take about three days to a week for a Russian Blue cat to be acclimated to his environment and tolerate other cats!
Expect an introduction process to last from 2-4 days for the cats to be acclimated and tolerate each other.
Table 4. Russian Blue VS Scottish Fold/Straight Physical: Compatibility and Adaptation Chart.

Compatibility With Each Other

I own both of these breeds myself, and they’re very friendly towards each other, and they keep to themselves until playtime and enjoy each other’s presence. Because of their play styles and energetically quite similar to each other, they get along well and never really get in each other’s way.

However, by the same token, because they are so similar in energy levels, they don’t initiate much play with each other. Compared to my Bengal cat (who is extremely high maintenance), he will always try to initiate something, whether it’s wrestling or a game of chase.

Russian Blue and Scottish Folds: My Experience

Again, if I think about the two cats (out of my four cats) that I don’t worry about or the cats least likely to cause problems – it’s my Russian Blue and Scottish Fold/Straight.

As a summary of what I have observed watching and observing these two breeds:

  • their differences come in when there are new things around in the home. Scottish Fold cats love to explore and check out what it is and Russian Blue cats will stay back and watch it until it’s ready to interact with it, whatever it may be.

    For example, whenever there’s a guest that comes to my apartment – Rosie (Scottish Straight) will go and take it upon herself to greet them face to face. Ash (Russian Blue) however will stay back and then greet them later when he determines that they are safe.
  • Both cats are quick learners what is acceptable or unacceptable in an apartment. I’ve never had them continue to exhibit a negative behavior after I have corrected them. For the most part, they are gentle breeds.
  • They’re also quite quick to learn tricks as they are both very habitual cats. If the training is consistent – tricks can easily be learned and remembered.
  • Russian Blue cats generally don’t like to be picked up, Scottish Folds and Straights are quite tolerant of it.
  • Both breeds have a high chance to enjoy belly rubs.
  • Both generally hate water.

Final Thoughts

These two breeds are great as first-time pet or cat owners as they don’t require much preparation or prior knowledge/experience. They also don’t have very eccentric behaviors that might surprise or overwhelm cat owners.

In the end, there’s no wrong answer when choosing one of these breeds. Both the Russian Blue and Scottish Fold breed are playful, affectionate cats that just require a little bit of maintenance to keep them healthy and active.


With a science background and years of experience including learning, observing, and training cats - increasing our beloved feline's welfare and wellbeing is the priority and passion.

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