Are Siamese Cats Good Apartment Cats?

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Are Siamese cats good apartment cats and companions? As an apartment cat, the Siamese cat will not be the ideal cat for most people as they are quite high maintenance, especially when they’re young. They’re curious and persistent cats that need a suitable environment to flex their mental muscles.

However, it isn’t difficult to prepare your apartment to fit their needs, if cat parents are willing to put in that extra attention and effort. Therefore, for individuals that want to adopt a Siamese cat in an apartment, it’s possible to do as long as we understand their needs.

Close-up shot of a Siamese Cat.
Siamese cats have a signature look that is recognizable anywhere.

The Siamese cat is one of the most well-known cat breeds in the world. They’re, on average, a lot more intelligent than the average domestic cat. Therefore, when people think of a good companion cat, people often think of the Siamese.

There are times, however, when their intelligence gets them into trouble. As such, they’re not exactly a cat breed ideal for every indoor environment. Therefore, it’s essential to know what type of cat they are before introducing them to your home.

Siamese Cat Apartment Guide

This article is meant as a reference point for this breed. Their breed lets us predict their behaviors, but in the end, based on the cat’s environment or the way they were socialized, the cats might have some different traits or characteristics.

My Bengal cat Latte meets a Siamese friend!

If there’s one word that almost all Siamese cat owners would say about their cat, it’s moody. Like a cat that craves attention, the Siamese cat always looks for something to do.

Like the Bengal cat, the Siamese cat is a high-energy, highly persistent cat that craves attention and interaction. This might make them an unsuitable choice for those looking for a cat that is calm and relaxed. However, for people who are more active and want to be more involved with their cats, the Siamese cat can be a great match.

For the complete list of the most popular apartment cat breeds with a helpful chart & ratings about each of the breeds, click here!

How Much Space Does a Siamese Cat Need?

In an apartment without catification (see how to catify on a budget!) or any cat-proofing, a Siamese cat may need a bit of a larger space than most other passive, relaxed breeds like the Russian Blue, Ragdoll, or the Persian cat. Therefore, in these types of spaces, a Siamese cat would be more comfortable in an apartment at least larger than 25 square meters.

This is because they’re likely to get bored if there’s nothing around for them to explore. Therefore, when living in an apartment, it’s essential to provide Siamese cats with an environment that will keep them busy.

Two Siamese cats on the window sill in an apartment.
They might look calm at times, but they’re indeed plotting something. There’s a reason why they’re portrayed the way they are in certain media.

However, at the same time, a bigger space doesn’t necessarily mean a better experience for the cat. Therefore, if any individual lives in an area that’s smaller than 25 square meters (usually studio apartments), it’s still possible to live with a Siamese cat with more attention and care.

Siamese Cat Temperaments in Apartments

The intelligence and curiosity of Siamese cats require more engagement and stimulation than other cats, which is another reason why they can be known to be quite picky. Consequently, they are easily bored. For instance, if there’s nothing around for them to play with, they’re likely to interact with things around them in unpleasant ways. In many cases, this means they’ll be interacting with items that aren’t necessarily theirs.

Two Siamese cats relaxing on the window in an apartment.
Treasure all the downtime that you might have with your Siamese buddies!

For example, they’ll be playing with the cords of your phone charger, your laptop charger, or your TV. Thus, they’re far more likely to start developing negative behavior habits without a proactive owner.

This is especially true when they’re young. As such, it’s crucial to cat-proof your apartment as much as possible. Cat-proofing involves cat-proofing electrical cords (through cable management) and other dangers that might be around your home. Usually, by the time the Siamese kitten gets to around 18 months, it starts to mellow out and behave like an ordinary house cat.

Infographic about cats and their propensity to scratch furniture.
It may surprise people to know that Siamese cats are quite Similar to Bengal cats in terms of energy levels and interactivity. As a result, they can be pretty high maintenance.

They are very endearing cats that do well with other cats and other animals. Siamese cats are very social, and they’re going to try to communicate in any way they can. Usually, this means meowing or making whatever sounds they can until they get their point across. Those with thin walls may have a problem with their neighbors (double-check your apartment’s soundproofing).

How to Keep a Siamese Cat Happy and Healthy in an Apartment

Whenever I interact with Siamese cat owners, they’re always quite preoccupied with their Siamese cats. Even though they might be having a conversation with me, they have another third eye that’s secretly watching their Siamese cat. It’s honestly somewhat similar to how I am with my Bengal cat. There’s always an awareness of what they’re doing since they’re the most active ones.

Many people who own Siamese cats mention that they’re always worried about what kind of trouble or mess their Siamese cat might create if they were away too long. Therefore, adopting a Siamese cat is probably not a good idea for people that are often away from their apartment for long periods.

Many Siamese cat owners recommend:

  • Definitely having a companion with your Siamese cat. There is nothing more important than social enrichment for a Siamese cat.
  • Catification and environmental modifications. The longer you keep a Siamese cat busy when they’re young, the fewer behavioral problems they’ll develop as they get older. Here is my curated list of cat furniture for enrichment and catification in apartments (that I actually use).
  • They’re not known to be lap cats, but they’ll hang out near you. Give them a lot of perching areas around where you work or relax to let them observe what you’re doing without interrupting.
  • A play regimen of at least 30 minutes regularly is important in preventing boredom and destructive behaviors.
  • Secure valuables, plants, basically anything loose that they can knock over. Usually, if there’s anything they can prod or push over, they will do it eventually.
  • Learn to ignore their calls. Again, Siamese cats are vocal. You don’t have to respond to it if they’re being overly attention-seeking. If you respond to them, then they’re effectively training you to come whenever they call.

Apartment Essentials for a Siamese Cat

Keeping the Siamese cat out of trouble will be priority number one in an apartment. Therefore, investing in things that let them use their intelligence and keep their energy in check is recommended. Puzzle feeders are a great way to do this because cats will continually return to the puzzle to get snacks out throughout the day. It’s a great distraction that fosters that intelligence and behavioral growth.

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  1. I had 2 Siamese growing up. Not only are they beautiful but very loyal to their person. Yes to al the characteristics,but that’s what I like about them.My Mother only tolerated them.

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