Are Scottish Folds Good Apartment Cats?

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Are Scottish Folds good apartment cats? Scottish Fold cats are among the best apartment companions because of their personality and ease of socialization/training. They play well with almost any other animal and cats and are also okay with being alone. A great choice for any first-time cat owner!

Scottish fold and Scottish Straight side by side to see the differences.
Scottish Folds are characterized by their folded ears. Scottish Straight cats are characterized by their straight ears.

Their personalities are one of the most relaxed out of any cat breed and are pretty flexible in their tolerance of different home dynamics. The Scottish/Fold Straight is rated a 10/10 breed for a cat in an apartment. For the full list of apartment cat breeds and what their ratings are in apartments, click here!

That’s not to say they’re completely perfect, despite their perfect apartment rating score. There are a couple of things that cat owners should notice if their choice is the Scottish Fold/Straight.

Overview of Scottish Fold/Straight Cat Breed

This article/guide meant as a reference point for this breed. Their breed lets us predict some of their behaviors but in the end, based on the cat’s environment or the way they were socialized, the cats might have some different traits or characteristics.

Scottish Folds have rounded bodies and faces with folded ears. Scottish Straights are just Scottish Folds but without the mutation in their genes that cause the folded ears. In a litter of Scottish Breed kittens, 50% of the kittens will usually have folded ears, and the other 50% will be straight-eared cats that don’t carry the gene.

Scottish fold cat in an apartment trying to get out food from a puzzle!
This is Rosie, my Scottish Straight! We live in a small apartment with 3 other cats!

My Rosie is a Scottish Straight. When I adopted her, I was able to see her mother and father. Her mother was a Scottish Fold, and her father was a Munchkin. Somehow she ended up the most “normal” of her brothers and sisters with long legs and straight ears!

Scottish Fold’s Temperament in Apartments

We all know that living in an apartment can be pretty hectic sometimes because of the constant changes in an apartment. Outside noises, proximity to appliances, changes in furniture arrangements, and lots of foot traffic are all stuff that a cat has to deal with in an apartment.

Scottish Fold/Straights, however, are usually very tolerant of all types of changes. They are inquisitive and really enjoy checking out whatever is new or saying hi to the stranger that just came into the room. It can be both hilarious and annoying at the same time when you find them lying down in a box that you just opened from the delivery man.

The other Scottish Fold/Straights that I have had experience with seem to be cut from the same cloth. This cloth of relaxed calmness, as they might be uncomfortable for a second or two, but the next moment they seem to forget and be completely fine.

Scottish Fold cat playing on a chair in an apartment.
When Rosie gets going, she shakes up the whole room!

That is not to say, however, that they are not active. They are speed demons when it’s playtime (see the best ways to entertain and play with your cat in apartments here!). They’ll be the ones jumping and running around the apartment when compared to other cats. It’s the duality of playfulness and calming attitude that really make Scottish Folds/Straights quite charming.

Rosie, my Scottish Straight, is just so stoic at times. Wherever you put her, she finds a way to make that place hers. She is undeterred by other animals and can play well by herself or others. They seem to know the appropriate response for most situations. Most of the time.

What Are Some Quirks That Scottish Folds/Straights Have?

Scottish Fold/Straight cats have some quirks that prospective cat owners should know about to prepare their apartment for this breed better! Again, while they are a very relaxed breed and don’t really have extremes, they are quite persistent when it comes to certain things. Here are a few things that people considering Scottish Fold/Straight cats should know:

  • Since they’re natural inquisitive, they love to get into small corners and gaps. It’s cute the first couple of times but when they get in your drawer for the 10th time, it’s going to be annoying.
  • Scottish Folds/Straights have very gentle playstyles. They dislike rough-housing with other cats and because of this, they can be sometimes bullied by other cats as they never rough-house back. Therefore, either have a lot of places they can escape to (preferably high, vertical areas) or make sure they’re paired up with similarly quiet and relaxed cats.
  • Because of their chilled nature, as with many other cats or animals with very relaxed characteristics, they are more prone to obesity and similar diseases. As such, it’s important to have scheduled play and have strategies in place to keep them at a good weight!
  • Scottish Fold/Straights are more interested in playing with interactive toys such as wand toys or similar toys of that nature. They like to hunt things with unpredictable movements. While more stationary or independent play toys tend to be neglected and ignored.
  • They’re not great groomers and tend to have problems keeping themselves clean. Therefore, they might require more attention to help get their ears, teeth, and general hygeine in order!
  • Remember, those cats with the mutation for folded ears – it’s a good idea to give them a check up every couple of months. They are more prone to certain diseases and disorders such as Osteochondrodysplasia.

Other Comments About The Scottish Fold/Straight Breed

For me, Scottish Fold/Straight cats have been the easiest to train and socialize. I rarely see a Scottish Fold or Straight get too bitey or overstimulated. She was the only cat in my apartment that didn’t need training not to bite me or unwanted objects in my apartment.

Scottish Straight cat getting her nail trimmed in an apartment.
Despite not being able to take care of themselves very well, at least they’re easy to take care of. Cutting their nails, cleaning their ears, and brushing their teeth is easy to do on a Scottish Fold or Straight!

They’re also very affectionate cats without being too clingy. They like to have their own space most of the time. Scottish Fold/Straights enjoy staring and following around their owners wherever they go. Whenever they decide that they have enough staring, they’ll come in for some direct cuddle time.

Another thing I have noted is that they can develop powerful habits quickly. This is a good and bad thing. They quickly get into the routine of things and can be very predictable in their behaviors. However, there are times in which they can get into a “negative” routine as well.

When you observe them doing something unwanted, whether it is going somewhere or maybe even litter box issues, it’s best to nip it in the bud. Do this by removing something or completely changing the layout of your apartment to ensure they don’t continue strengthening that habit.

Are Scottish Fold/Straights Good Solo Cats in Apartments?

Scottish Folds/Straights are flexible enough to fit into any home dynamic, whether it’s a home with themselves with the only pet or together with other pets. This is a breed that will be okay as a solo cat or in a multi-cat home. As long as you give them the proper attention and engage with them regularly, they are lovely companions in even the smallest apartments.

So whenever you’re not there, they are more than happy to stay on the window to watch the outside world go by, and when you are home, they’ll be there to welcome you excitedly.

Conclusion: Are Scottish Folds Good Apartment Cats?

In conclusion, Scottish Fold/Straights are wonderful companions that can fit into any lifestyle that you might have in your apartment! They adapt quickly and are very affectionate and loving. I wrote a comparison piece comparing Scottish Fold and Russian Blue cats for those still on the fence and wondered how they compared to other popular breeds!

Scottish Fold cat laying on the floor relaxing.
Cute, but very sneaky. Scottish Fold and Straight cats will surprise you when you least expect them to!

I would recommend this breed to anyone wanting a pet in their apartment as a solo cat or as a new addition to a multi-cat home. They are appropriate for all pet owners and don’t require as much attention and preparation compared to other cat breeds, such as the Bengal cat.

A very similar breed in terms of traits and personality to the Scottish Fold/Straight cat is the Ragdoll breed. For more information about Ragdolls in apartments, click here!

Apartment Essentials for Scottish Fold/Straight Cats

Scottish Fold cats come in all different sizes, colors, and hair lengths. If yours is the longer-haired kind, invest in a good brush to remove loose hairs and prevent shedding, especially if you have a lighter-colored Scottish Fold Cat. Read more about how to prevent shedding here!

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Some brushes can be a bit too rough for our cats and could overstimulate them causing discomfort. This one is super gentle and is super effective at removing loose furs, mats, and tangles.

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As they like to hide in small places and boxes, it’s best to have some places available around the apartment to accommodate this behavior. Some cat tunnels or closed-off window perches are really effective, so they can be alone when they need to. It’s always a good idea to provide open and closed areas.

Window hammocks are a great tool in Scottish Folds’ apartments as they enjoy sunbathe and look outside! These suction cup hammocks and perches are not only strong enough to suction onto windows, but they’re also strong enough to suction onto walls and refrigerators as long as they have glossy surfaces!

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