Most Popular Indoor Cat Breeds (With Real Statistics!)

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There are so many cat breeds out there, and all of them have their unique charms and special characteristics. Therefore, if you’re trying to find the best indoor cat breed for your house or apartment, it’s best to take a look at actual statistics from real people!

The survey was posted on the ‘cats’ subreddit and received approximately 300 votes and 100 comments. Additionally, those that commented shared why and how they obtained their cat.

Most Popular Indoor Cat Breeds: According to Reddit

Before getting to the results, it’s important to note that very few purebred cats exist. As a result, there will always be some inaccuracies associated with this type of survey. However, this will give potential cat owners a general guideline of what the mainstream perceives as the most compatible cat breed for indoor living.

best indoor cat breeds reddit survey.

The categories counted as ‘mixed,’ ‘domestic shorthair,’ or ‘domestic longhair’ were omitted from the results. Additionally, the listed breeds that had a lot of confusion were also removed. Some comments about the breed were highlighted in the article.

The top 5 indoor cat breeds, according to the Reddit survey, are:

1. Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll is the most popular cat chosen as the best indoor cat breed.

Ragdoll cats are one of the most gentle and docile cat breeds. Most Ragdoll cats are very tolerant cats that can be cuddled, belly-rubbed, or even picked up! Most also enjoy being lap cats, but some do not. Ragdoll cats also have quite low to moderate energy levels in addition to being low maintenance. For these reasons, Ragdolls are the most popular indoor cat.

Reddit except about the ragdoll cat.

They are often too passive to defend themselves from predators or other cats, and sometimes they’re even too docile and passive to hunt or play. Therefore, they are usually indoor-only cats because of their kind and trusting nature, even to strangers.

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2. Siamese Cats

The second best indoor cat breed is the Siamese cat.

Siamese cats are an excellent match for owners that like a little bit more energy and interaction with their cats. They’re incredibly social, intelligent and make their homes more lively. They love being involved with their owners, guests, and even other animals. They also love to chat and vocalize to communicate.

Reddit excerpt for the Siamese cat.

It’s important to note that Siamese cats have quite varied personalities from cat to cat. Some enjoy being alone, and some prefer to be with another companion. Be sure to try to get to know the Siamese kitten/cat before introducing it to your home to make sure it’s a good match!

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3. Russian Blue Cats

Russian Blue is the third best indoor cat breed.

Russian Blue cats are charming cats beloved for their very elegant look. They are usually chosen for their relaxed nature and affectionate qualities towards their humans. Russian Blue cats are typically very quickly trained without any extremes in their behaviors.

Reddit excerpt about the experiences with the Russian Blue.

Russian Blue cats are known to be very quiet and cautious. Thus, they take a little more time to adjust to changing situations or new feline/animal additions to the home. However, they are gentle cats that enjoy company and companionship as much as any other cat. They’re the ultimate lap cats.

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4. Maine Coon Cats

The Main Coon is also a popular choice for the best indoor cat breed.

Maine Coon cats are usually called gentle giants because of their size and caring personality. Despite their size, Maine Coon cats are quite reserved behavior-wise. Maine Coon cats enjoy trilling, chirping, and meowing to communicate and express themselves.

Reddit excerpt for the Main Coon cat.

Like the Russian Blue cat, Maine Coons are well-balanced cats in both behavior and energy. Therefore, it’s easy to train them and correct any unwanted habits. For those that want a large dog-like cat that’s relatively low maintenance, the Maine Coon is a good match.

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5. British Shorthair Cats

The British Shorthair cat is among the best indoor cat breeds!

British Shorthair cats are easy-going and among the best cats to be an indoor companion. Their laid-back personality allows for a very predictable cat in terms of behavior and energy levels. Similar to the Ragdoll cat, they’re very tolerant and require even less maintenance (physically, due to their shorter hair).

Reddit excerpt of the pros and cons of the British Shorthair cat.

They’re also very quiet and independent cats, which allows them to live in smaller indoor spaces as cat parents won’t need to worry about neighbors complaining. However, they can be aloof and perceived as a little cold because of their independence.

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Indoor Cat Breeds: Honorable Mentions

While they don’t have the highest votes, the following breeds have a lot of love and mainstream appeal:

6. Scottish Fold/Straights

The Scottish Fold/Straight is an honorable mentions for one of the best indoor cat breeds.

The Scottish Fold/Straight breed was right after the British Shorthair with approximately 7% of the votes. Popularized by the media and movies for their unique folded ears, these cats are often a trendy choice for a cat companion indoors.

They are great cats for a relaxed household and don’t need much attention to satisfy them. They need to be kept active, or they might develop weight issues.

My Rosie (Scottish Straight) is very Ragdoll-like, meaning she doesn’t care to be picked up and will stay still for an indefinite period until you let her go. Of course, not every cat will be like this, but for the Scottish Fold/Straights I’ve interacted with and experienced, they were similarly docile and tolerant.

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7. Bengal Cats

The Bengal cat is also a honorable mention for the indoor cat breed.

Like the Scottish Fold/Straight, the Bengal cat received approximately 7% of the votes. Though Bengals tend not to be known as indoor exclusive cats, that is not always the case. The Bengal cat is an eccentric breed and can be overwhelming for cat parents that are not prepared for their energy levels. However, they’re incredibly interactive cats for owners to take a more active role in their cat’s development. However, Bengal cats are very high-maintenance cats.

They are always around to try things and are incredibly playful, quickly learning new games and tricks. The key to living with a Bengal cat indoors is to treat it like a toddler, and Bengal proof your place!

My Bengal cat, Latte, was indeed a monster when he was a kitten. They become a very active family member if you can get past the kitten phase. However, if you’re not ready for them, they can become quite the handful. Therefore, Bengal cats are only recommended for more experienced cat parents for indoor living.

While these breeds were the least voted for, it doesn’t mean that they weren’t meant to be indoor cats. Many of these breeds are less known, and therefore, fewer breeders for the specific breed (with the exception of the Persian cat).

The following breeds only received one or two votes:

  • Devon Rex Cats
  • Balinese Cats
  • Siberian Cats
  • Bombay Cats
  • Persian Cats

Most Popular Indoor Cat Breeds: Conclusion

From the comments and statistics, it’s clear that the best indoor cat breeds are generally quite relaxed, tolerant, and low-maintenance cats. They are playful but still fit in many people’s lifestyles easily and don’t require much attention.

It’s also encouraging to see the growing trend to adopt and rescue cats as many individuals either rescued or adopted their cats from shelters. If you’re still looking for the right breed for your home, read this article to help you choose a cat breed based on your lifestyle!


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