Are Sphynx Cats Good For Apartments? Complete Guide!

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Are Sphynx cats good for apartments and small spaces? Sphynx cats are great apartment companions because of their calm but playful nature. They’re perfect for cat owners that want a cat that’s highly interactive and loving! However, they come at the cost of time and attention because they are more maintenance than the average cat.

Sphynx cat portrait.
Sphynx Cats are rated 7/10 for apartment living! To see other cat breeds and how their scores in apartments, click here!

And since they will need regular care, make sure you will not be away for extended periods of time. In the event you do need to go away, it is vital that you place your Sphynx in the care of someone who has prior knowledge about how they need to be cared for.

Once you have put all of the necessary steps in place to maintain the highest level of care for your pet, you can sit back and relax with this wonderful pet that is sure to delight and bring many years of love and affection to your home.

Why Are Sphynx Cats Good For Apartments? Sphynx Cat Temperament

Sphynx cat lying down warm on the blanket in an apartment.

If you’re searching for a highly intelligent and affectionate cat breed, then look no further. The sphynx cat is the one for you. Sphynx cats will do their most to sit in your lap, cuddle up to you and fight for your attention.

Their calm and doting demeanor means they are comfortable with children and new visitors to your home. Cats, in general, are famed for their curiosity, but the Sphynx cat takes it to the next level. They can explore and entertain themselves for hours at a time. In addition to their intelligence and warm-hearted nature, Sphynx cats also make very loyal companions. An excellent breed that will bring much love and happiness into your life. 

In an apartment, remember that floor space is scarce. Therefore, try your best to ensure they have plenty of vertical space, which is more important to cats than it is to humans. Try to install window hammocks, cat trees, and other pieces of equipment that they can use to get up high. This will make them feel content, especially in a small space.

Sphynx cats love to explore high vertical spaces and will stay up there for long periods of time! It helps with keeping them safe and away from all the foot traffic on the ground. Also, they can escape to a quieter spot if it gets too noisy! When things calm down, Sphynx cats will come down for some much-needed rest, relaxation, and attention from the safety of your lap.

One of the best things about Sphynx cats is that there is no hair or shedding to deal with! So although they are a bit more maintenance than the average cat – cat owners won’t have to worry about cleaning up cat hair stuck to clothes, furniture, or rolling around on the floor!

Sphynx Cats In Apartments: Common Problems and Regular Maintenance

There can be a few common issues that Sphynx owners may face. Most important is identifying the issue and ensuring you have a solution in place that will keep healthy and happy. Furthermore, be sure to take your Sphynx to the vet for regular checkups, where the veterinarian will be able to screen for any underlying health issues that may present themselves.

Sphynx cat getting an injection or vaccine.
Cat owners should be aware of the condition of their Sphynx cat and

Common Problems That Sphynx Cat Owners Need to Watch For

  • Skin problems – You must ensure that the cat’s skin stays healthy and free from excess oils. Excess oils can create issues such as urticaria pigmentosa and cutaneous mastocytosis. Urticaria pigmentosa occurs when there are too many inflammatory cells (mast cells) in the skin. Mast cells are immune system cells that help the body fight infections. Mast cells make and release histamine, which causes nearby tissues to become swollen and inflamed. The best solution to skin problems for your Sphynx is to regularly feed them high-quality food. The better the quality of food, the less oil your Sphynx will produce thus lessening the risk of skin infections.
  • Teeth issues – Sphynx cats can be prone to dental issues and need their teeth cleaned and checked regularly. It is important you look for any signs of bleeding, bad breath, tartar or excess discolouration. If you see your Sphynx excessively drooling, having difficulty eating or even pawing at the mouth then it’s vital you take them for a check up immediately.
  • Heart Issues – Unfortunately Sphynx cats are prone to heart conditions, more specifically hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This is a condition whereby the heart muscle can become unusually thick. As a result your veterinarian should be scanning for heart issues every time you take your pet for a check up. It is vital this is done at every check up as this condition has a tendency to develop as the cat grows older. There are a variety of ways to test whether your Sphynx has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but the most recommended is an echocardiogram. However, there are a number of other ways to test such as: blood tests, MRI, Chest X-rays and electrocardiogram.
  • Muscle Weakness – Also known as hereditary myopathy, this is a defect in the way that nerves transmit signals to the body, particularly the muscles, and it can have serious adverse effects on Sphynx cats. At its worst, it leaves cats unable to walk and exercise due to their muscles being too weak. You should look for abnormalities such as your cat being unable to lift its head or an awkward gait. Signs of hereditary myopathy can present themselves from as early as 3 weeks up to 23 weeks. Your veterinarian should be able to collect muscle tissue samples under anaesthesia and send them to a lab to screen for abnormalities in order to get a diagnosis.

Sphynx Cat Regular Maintenance

There are many important aspects in Sphynx cats maintenance! Clean them with weekly baths, a high-quality diet, and ensure they do not go outside or get exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Keep Their Bodies Temperature Regulated – If you’ve ever seen or owned a Sphynx cat you will know that they are hairless. This can mean they have a hard time staying warm particularly if you live in a part of the world that has a colder climate. You will need to ensure that your Sphynx has a warm enough environment so that it is not cold. There are a variety of options for keeping your sphynx cat warm.

    Cat owners can use heated or covered cat beds and even special cat outfits. If you have a central heating system, make sure you leave it on when going out of your apartment so that your Spynx does not chilly. 
  • Have a Teeth Cleaning Schedule – Sphynx cats can be prone to dental issues and need their teeth cleaned and checked regularly. It is important you look for any signs of bleeding, bad breath, tartar or excess discolouration. If you see your Sphynx excessively drooling, having difficulty eating or even pawing at the mouth then it’s vital you take them for a check up immediately.
  • Give Them Weekly Baths – It is recommended that you give your Sphynx cat a bath every now and then (but not too often as this will dry their skin out) to remove excess oil and dirt. You will be able to find special cat shampoos which help to manage the excess oil. Sphynx cats also need protection from the sun, so do not let them go freely outside.
  • Clean Their Ears – As the carer for your Sphynx it is your responsibility to keep your Sphynx’s ears free from excess wax as this can lead to complications such as ear infections and possibly loss of hearing in some cases. The most recommended method is to use tissues, cotton balls or even make up remover pads. Use them to gently dry and clean the inside of your Sphynx’s ears. Avoid using cotton buds or swabs as this can potentially damage the cat’s eardrums.
  • Trim Their Nails – Trimming your Sphynx’s nails is a good idea to take the edge off of whatever they might purposefully or accidentally scratch (save your furniture!). Not to mention, lower the chances of anybody getting hurt if they’re zooming around the home during playtime.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About The Sphynx Cat

How Does a Sphynx Cat Feel?

While some Sphynx cats have a velvety kind of fuzz on their bodies, some are, in fact, completely bald. The feel of them has been compared to warm suede. Make sure you keep your Sphynx cat warm.

Can Sphynx Cats Get Sunburn?

Yes absolutely. The lack of hair on their bodies makes them prone to sunburn so try to avoid your Sphynx going outside or placing any of their cat furniture in direct rays of sunlight.

Can a Sphynx Cat Get Fleas?

Yes, they can. A lack of hair does not mean a lack of fleas. Fleas are attracted to warm bodies. On the upside, a Sphynx’s lack of hair makes it easier to spot fleas.

Should My Sphynx Cat Wear a Sweater?

A lightweight sweater is ideal for a Sphynx cat as it will help to ensure that they stay warm and protect them from any potential sunburn.

Does a Sphynx Get Along With Other Pets?

Typically a Sphynx should have no problem integrating and becoming friends with other pets in your household. However, every cat has its own unique personality. This should be considered if you already have pets and are considering getting a Sphynx or if you already have a Sphynx and are thinking of adding more pets to your apartment (click here to find out how to introduce cats in small apartments!).

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